Why Travel Insurance Is a Must

Travel Insurance is mandatory when it comes to traveling in Nepal. It’s always a wise decision to travel safely and secured. Nepal is a country with topographical complexity. While trekking or on a journey, one may have to walk past those complex places and dramatic locations. There are always some unforeseen risks associated with traveling in those complex regions. Also, in the high altitudinal region, there is a risk associated with altitude sickness. The bad weather condition, natural calamities, illness, strikes, etc. are circumstances beyond our control. Not to forget, flight delays and cancellations, they may end up ruining our entire journey. Therefore, to secure yourself from these kinds of problems associated with loss, theft, robbery, and health issues, travel insurance has been made mandatory in Nepal.


An important tip for travel Insurance

  • Make sure that your insurance covers emergency repatriation, helicopter evacuation, general medical evacuation, loss of belongings due to theft/ robbery, loss due to trip cancellation,
  • Also, choose those companies that make payments to the hospitals directly.
  • It is recommended to ensure up to the loss of USD 100,000.


“It’s better to stay safe than be sorry! And, prevention is always better than cure.”


Maybe the concept of travel insurance came with this thought. Safe travel allows you to be carefree. And, when you are carefree, you will be able to enjoy your holiday at its best.

There are many insurance companies around the world that offer various attractive travel insurance schemes. We have listed some companies for your reference.


For Travelers from USA and CANADA

  • Online Global Health Insurance/ Travelex/ Insure My Trip.com/ Mondial Assistance/ Access America/ HCC Medical Insurance Services/ Good Neighbor Insurance/ International Health/ Insuremytrip dot com/ Multinational Underwriters/ TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd/ Travel Assist/ TraveLite/


For Travelers from England

  • Specialty Group (UK) Limited/ First Assist Services Limited/ Harrison Beaumont/ Buy cheap travel insurance


For Travelers from Europe/ Slovenia

  • Assistance CORIS


For Travelers from Australia/ New Zealand

  • Cover-More Travel Insurance/ CGU Insurance Limited


For Travelers from South Africa

  • Travel Insurance Consultants Pty. Ltd.


Note –The above-mentioned companies are solely for reference purpose based on the recommendation of our past clients. We have no connection with the companies and do not act as their agents.

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