Peak climbing is an adventurous activity possible only in the high Himalayas around the globe. This adventure sport comprises a thrill, climbing technique, and adaptation with the rising elevation. Nepal being a home to many peaks that rises over six to eight thousand is an ideal destination for peak climbing. So, if you are interested in attempting a peak climbing, there can be no better option than Nepal. Nepal has varieties of peak for climbing. From beginners to expert climbing, there are numerous peaks to cater to the need and preference of all. World Alpine Treks offer various packages for peak climbing that are carefully designed using the expertise of the climbing experts. All the packages are well planned, well-paced with enough days of acclimatization. For a successful peak climbing, proper acclimatization is a must. Proper acclimatization helps your body cope with the rising elevation, which is an essential factor for a successful ascent up the peak.

Did you know? Nepal has identified 1310 Himalayan peaks that rise over six thousand meters. Amongst these identified peaks, 326 peaks are officially available for peak climbing and mountaineering purpose. The fact makes Nepal undoubtedly an ideal place for peak climbing. Each year, many travelers visit Nepal for climbing and mountaineering purpose. Peak climbing and mountaineering are different than a trekking journey. It requires technique, stamina, and endurance capacity. World Alpine Treks have some expert climbers who will help you throughout your trip for a successful ascent. So, are you ready for peak climbing in Nepal? We have different options for peak climbing in different regions of Nepal. Go through the details of peak climbing activities on our site for more information. If you have any queries, then you can write to us or give us a call. We will help you select the best trip following your capacity and preference.

Some interesting facts about peak climbing in Nepal

  • 8 out of 14 highest peaks of Nepal are available in Nepal
  • There are 1310 identified peaks that rise over 6000 meters amongst which 326 peaks are open for climbing and mountaineering purpose
  • Peak climbing requires some technical climbing skills, physical stamina, and endurance capacity.
  • A special permit is required for peak climbing in Nepal
  • A licensed and experienced climbing guide and climbing leader will help you climb up the peak
  • You can opt for a private climbing journey or join a group for peak climbing purposes.
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