Tibet is a remote Buddhist territory governed as an autonomous region of China. Often regarded as the roof of the world, a vast area of Tibet comprises of mountains and plateaus in Central Asia. Here is a high plateau that is surrounded by the mountain masses. Before 1950, this country was absolutely isolated from the rest of the world. The region is mystic in terms of Himalayan beauty and its authentic Buddhist religion. It has a unique culture and religion marked by Tibetan language and Tibetan Buddhism. Lhasa city is the administrative center of Tibet. The city is beautifully crafted with various grand palaces, old temples, and artistic monasteries. For most of the visitors, the spiritual significance of Tibet is a highlight. The magnificent monasteries, monks, prayers, and meditation center sprinkle the spiritual essence.

Moreover, the journey to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar lake! It’s a walk towards the natural paradise of Tibet. It’s a composition of faith, belief, devotion, and natural fantasy.

The Northern ridge of Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world, can be confronted from Tibet. One can drive to the base camp of Everest on the northern side, and the fact enhances the glory of Tibet. The route to the base camp goes through some fantastic landscapes full of mountain views, glaciers, icefalls, turquoise lakes, extensive grasslands with yak and yak herders. The route is adorned with prayer flags that give us the vibes of the Buddhist religion. An overland drive along with the wild landscapes with isolation in the surrounding intensifies the fame of Tibetan territory. Besides all this, the people residing in Tibet are very traditional and beautiful. They have their own unique culture, custom, and lifestyle. The local Lhasa beer, yak butter tea, and cheerful hospitality of Tibetan people are something not to be missed.

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