Mustang region is a magical place to spend your time in the gorgeousness of beautiful Himalayas.The beautiful valley and dry terrain in the backdrop of beautiful Himalayas is a spectacular location to relish the raw appeal of remote Trans Himalayas and ancient mountain valleys. Mustang, the ancient kingdom of Lo Manthangused to be a restricted place unless it was opened for trekkers recently in 1991. The kingdom is a preserved form of wonderful landscapes, barren hills with traditional local people and their preserved culture. It feels like you have travelled back to time and have traversed into a land that is simply amazing. Geographically, Upper Mustang resembles to that of the Tibetan plateaus. You can observe the dry &rocky barren land with dominance of Tibetan Buddhist culture.Even the people and lifestyle of people is similar to that of the Tibetans. The whitewashed settlements, beautiful rock formations, colorful prayer flags, mani walls and monasteries in between the villages offers an opportunity to observe the traditional lifestyle of people, their authentic culture, custom and lifestyle.

Mustang region has a rich history. We can still find king, queen and explore the remains of old fortresses in this village. Apart from this, the region preserves the traditional Tibetan Buddhist culture which is rarely practiced anywhere around the world. It has some ancient monasteries that dates back to century. All these historical sites and monuments are protected in its original form. The off beaten tracks and quaint nature of the trail adds to the joy of trekking in this region. Above all, the inspiring beauty of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri massif! It enhances the glory of this dry and arid terrain of Mustang region. So, are you ready for this phenomenon experience? Mustang is a different world with its distinctive natural and cultural features. Your journey to Mustang starts with a scenic flight above the Himalayas to Jomsom. From Jomsom, you open up into a Trans Himalayan landscape with dry, barren land and grey rolling hills. The strong winds and wilderness of mountains are some distinctive features. You need to obtain a special permit to enter into this region. From deepest gorge of the world (Kaligandaki gorge) to the captivating Upper Mustang, you will be able to explore the hidden valleys, also referred to as the Buddhist Kingdom.

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