Read Our Terms and Conditions Before Booking

Please go through our terms and conditions before booking any trip with us. Our terms and conditions govern any kind of relationship and transaction between you (herein referred to as the client) and World Alpine Treks (herein referred to as a company). When you are booking any trip with us, we assume that you have gone through our terms and conditions and agree to all our terms and conditions including our cancellation policy. If any dispute arises to whosoever confusion, the points mentioned in terms and conditions may prevail.


1. The booking conditions

Once you book your trip with us and deposit the booking amount, we shall issue a confirmation letter in writing. Please go through the details in the confirmation letter thoroughly.  Your information should match the details of your passport. In case of any incorrect or incomplete information, inform us so that we can update that information.

If you book our trip on behalf of others, please notify us regarding the changes in detail or cancellation of the trip or whatsoever. We assume that you have obtained full consent from the respective parties. In case of any obstacle due to such wrong information, we shall not be liable for any of it.


2. The booking deposit and final payment

While booking a trip, 20% of the trip cost should be paid as a deposit amount. It is a non-refundable deposit. The remaining amount for the trip can be paid upon your arrival in Kathmandu.

In the case of Tibet and Bhutan tours, full payment should be made 20 days before your flight date. If you couldn’t make the payment, we reserve the right to cancel the trip.


3. Payment methods

There are two modes of making payments to us. You can either make payment via credit card or via Swift/ wire transfer. We shall provide you with our bank details, and you can deposit the amount in our account.


4. Change in Price

We reserve our right to change the price at any time. The change in price may be due to increases in local service charges, ground operator services, exchange rate fluctuation, increases in airfares, fuels, etc. The reason for price change is not limited to these factors only. These are only some potential examples.


5. Trip postponement/ Trip cancellation

In case of trip cancellation, write to us at least 14 days before the trip cancellation date. The deposit amount is not refundable; therefore, we will not be able to refund the deposit fee even in case of trip cancellation. However, your deposit will be safe with us. You can use the amount anytime when you visit Nepal. In the case of postponing and cancellation of the trip, 25% is deducted from the deposit amount.

In case of cancellation of the Bhutan tour, 20% of the trip cost will be charged as the cancellation fee, and in the case of and Tibet tour, 50% of the trip cost will be charged as the cancellation fee.

*Note – in the case of the Tibet and Bhutan tour, the cancellation fee depends upon the policy of our Tibet and Bhutan agents


6. Last-Minute Booking

We even accept last-minute bookings for Nepal treks and tours. You can book your trip at least three days prior to your departure date. In the case of the Tibet tour and Bhutan tour, last-minute booking is not viable.


7. Risk and Liabilities

The tours and treks in Nepal, China, and Bhutan, are conducted under the strict rules and regulations of the tourism board of the respective countries. They are the supreme authority when it comes to traveling in those countries. We are not liable for the risks associated with a change in tourism policy. If we couldn’t conduct a tour due to the prevalence of any change in regulation, we shall not be liable for it.   Also, in case of unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters, flight delays, cancellations, political instability, accidents, etc, the extra cost incurred is the responsibility of the clients. Hence, we have made travel insurance mandatory.


8. Incomplete Tour

We shall not be liable for any kind of refund where the tour couldn’t be completed due to any reasons associated with clients. No refunds and discounts are available in case of voluntary or involuntary termination of the tour due to illness, death of family members, urgent issues at home, late arrival for a tour, or any other unforeseen circumstances.


9. Unforeseen Circumstances

In case of trip cancellation due to any factors like natural disasters, war, conflicts or any other unforeseen circumstances, we shall arrange another trip to Nepal for you. Though it will not be the trip of your choice, we ensure that you will have fun and your money will be fully utilized.


10. Flight Cancellations and Delays

Flight delays and cancellations are common during monsoons in Nepal. It is recommended to keep a few extra days for contingency purposes. Also, take insurance that covers flight delays and cancellations. Any losses or extra cost incurred due to flight delays and cancellation is not our responsibility.


11. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory while on a tour of the trek with World Alpine Treks. Take insurance that covers accidents, injuries, illnesses, death, and medical expenses. Make sure that your insurance covers emergency repatriation, loss of luggage, theft, robbery, and loss due to flight delays and cancellation. Also, select those companies that make payment on the spot i.e. in the hospital so that you will not have to stay extra for obtaining money for your discharge.


12. Warning

If you commit any unlawful act during your stay in Nepal and are compelled to leave Nepal immediately, we will not be liable to make any kind of refund for your incomplete tour.


13. Disclaimer

Our terms and conditions are applicable only when you book your trip with us directly. In case of any third party or mediator is involved in between or if you book a trip with us through any agents/ third party, their terms and conditions shall be applicable.


14. Update of Terms and Conditions

World Alpine Treks reserves the right to update terms and conditions at any time. It is the responsibility of the client to go through the terms and conditions periodically, especially while booking your trip with us. The terms and conditions are published on our website. Once you book a service with us, we assume that you have properly gone through our terms and conditions prior to dealing with us.

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