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Deepak Dhamala

Managing Director

Deepak Dhamala is the founder and managing director of World Alpine Treks. He started his career as a trekking guide in 2009. Later, with the motive of sketching people’s travel dreams into reality, he came up with the concept of World Alpine Treks. He is a young, passionate, and enthusiastic person who has successfully handled World Alpine Treks strategically. He is successfully coordinating with his team to bring output. Beyond business success, he actively engages in community and environmental initiatives, embodying a commitment to responsible tourism. Deepak's journey reflects an entrepreneurial spirit that transforms aspirations into tangible, unforgettable adventures in the breathtaking landscapes of the Himalayas.


Rabin Dhamala


Rabin Dhamala is the Director of World Alpine Treks, a leading trekking company in Nepal. Born and raised in the Himalayas, Rabin's early love for nature and adventure led him to become a trekking guide. With a deep connection to the region, he established World Alpine Treks, dedicated to providing exceptional trekking experiences while prioritizing environmental sustainability and cultural preservation. Rabin's leadership has elevated the company's reputation, offering diverse adventures for all levels of trekkers. Beyond business success, he actively supports initiatives for responsible tourism and environmental conservation in the Himalayan region. Rabin Dhamala is a visionary leader committed to sharing the beauty of Nepal through unforgettable journeys.


Dolma Sherpa


Dolma Sherpa is the director of World Alpine Treks. She is responsible for marketing, operational and public relational tasks. She has been working effectively for the acceleration of the company at both customer and enterprise levels. She holds a master’s degree and has a leading personality. She can manage all the operational aspects of the company and lead the entire World Alpine Treks team effectively.

yangji sherpa

Yangji Sherpa

Customer service

Yangji Sherpa is responsible for customer service and related responsibilities for World Alpine Treks. Yangji is a business graduate who has been working with World Alpine Treks since its establishment. Cheerful and polite in nature, she is a young lady focused on enabling a better customer experience. She handles all the customer queries and phone calls with a generous personality.


Bhagwan Kumal

Trekking Guide

Bhagwan Kumal is a well-experienced and energetic member of the World AlpineTreks. He has been working as a very professional guide. He has twenty years of experience in the field of trekking and traveling. He is an expert in the trekking route. He knows every situation that might accrue during the trek and he also has the ability to tackle any situation. He has been working as a trekking guide for a very long time so we can say that he is an expert in this field. He has been to Everest, Annapurna, Mustang, Langtang, and many other treks. He has very good knowledge about Nepali society located in various regions. He is the most humble, responsible, experienced, and talented guide that we have got. He has gotten lots of positive responses from his clients. His confident and responsible attitude brings new hope to the clients. Each year has a lot of experience with new clients makes him overwhelmed. He says that trekking is an adventure in itself, and it gives him a new vibe every time he treks in the arms of the Himalayas.


Santosh Dhakal

Trekking Guide

Seven years, a long journey of trekking in every route of Nepali Himalaya made Santosh Dhakal one of the finest trekking guides of the World Alpine Treks. His curious, energetic and enthusiastic nature brought him to be a very reliable and strong trekking guide in this field. He has a very practical and goal-oriented nature, which helped him to be loved by many of our clients. Due to his responsible nature, every trek that he took part in went very well. He has got a very sharp mind that helped him to get out of any kind of unpredictable problems. Besides that, he is very outgoing and friendly in nature which is why he has got many friends along the way of the trekking route. For him, every trek is like going back to his own hometown. He always ensures to make clients feel very secure. He always says that clients are like a god to him and trekking is like finding himself within.


Rajan Khanal

Trekking Guide

One of the charming and friendly guides of World Alpine Trek Mr. Rajan Khanal. With a Decade of trekking experience in the arms of the Himalayas, he is a very responsible and well-knowledge guide. Because he is friendly to nature most of the clients used to comment that they had a great time with him during the trek. He makes the client comfortable and he used to do his best to provide the best service from his side. During the trek, he can provide the client many of knowledgeable information about the trekking route’s weather, heritage, Himalayas,s and ethnic groups. He knows every detail about the diversified Nepali society and its culture. He also has very good knowledge about the trek route. Most of our client field safe and happy while they trek with Rajan Khanal.


Ramhari Dhamala

Trekking Guide

Ramhari Dhamala is a field member of World Alpine Treks. He is a licensed trekking guide with over a decade of experience in the field of travel and tourism. He was born in the beautiful village of Dhading and raised amidst the glories of Mother Nature. The hills, valleys, mountains, and rivers had always appealed to him. Following his lust for nature, he traveled to different places within Nepal and decided to work in the field of tourism. He went through intensive training as a trekking guide. Finally, he is here as a trekking guide in World Alpine Treks. He is friendly and cheerful in nature. Though young, he is responsible and well-experienced.


Budhi Khanal

Trekking Guide

One of the enthusiastic member of the world alpine trek is Budhi Khanal. As a Nepali trekking guide he has been working since seven years now. He is a very talented and well knowledge trekking guide of trekking filed. He has done so many uncountable treks which makes him one of the strong trekking guide. He has got well knowledge about the culture, history and diversity of trekking routes. He can provide an awesome service to his client. Being a well knowledge and experience guide he knows every up and down problem that usually accrue during the trek. And he is very smart enough to tackle every problem during the trek. Being an experienced guide he knows what his clients need is. He is very well spoken and friendly in his nature. Many of our previous clients are very satisfied with his work. He is very dedicated and responsible that helps clients to have a best moment during their trek. Because of his funny nature and his sense of humor clients used to find trek enjoyable and memorable. His personality is the key of his success.

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