Heli Tours is once in a lifetime memory, flying across the significant Himalayan territory, enjoying the majestic views of mountains that rise close and parallel to us. Mountains are the dream of many travel and nature enthusiasts, but it is not within the capacity of everyone. Some are laid back due to their physical conditions, some due to the physical demand of mountains, and rest are laid back due to the constraint of time. For those who are lagging, we offer an elite way to appreciate the whelming heart glories of mountains. Ride into a helicopter and fly over the sky close to the snow-clad white mountains glittering at its best. You can make the most of it in just a few hours. You neither have to exhilarate yourself or have to feel sad if you have any physical condition, holding you from going close to the mountains. Heli Tours offered by World Alpine Treks is a solution to all your problems. The can helicopter be a bit expensive, but it is one of the most luxurious experiences that you can ever experience.

We offer Heli tours to different regions of Nepal. Everest Heli Tour, Langtang Heli Tour, Annapurna Heli Tour, Mustang Heli Tour, etc. are some of the best-selling Heli tour packages in Nepal. If you are willing to mix a helicopter tour with a trekking activity, you can write to us! We will customize the trip as per your needs and specification. So, are you ready for an exclusive Heli ride that allows you to relish the splendor of snow-clad mountains and mountainous terrain? The Heli tours are an awesome feast to cater to you with the mesmerizing vistas of snow-clad mountains, glaciated pass, and charming traditional villages. Enjoy the aerial view of beautiful Nepal as you fly over the sky in a private helicopter.

Features of Heli tours

  • Luxurious and elite Heli ride
  • Aerial views of mountains and mountainous terrain
  • Easy and comfortable
  • Time-having shortest and easiest way to explore the Himalayas from so close
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