Flight delays and cancellation is a common problem while travelling with domestic airlines in Nepal. It has been considered as one of the major problems for those who travel to Nepal with a different purpose. It is obviously a hectic act to wait long for boarding into the plane. Waiting for more than two to three hours and the flight finally gets cancelled, it is the worst feeling. Nepal’s dramatic geographical condition and topographical difficulties are one of the major cause for making landing and taking off difficult in remote regions. Moreover, the airport in Nepal doesn’t have the technology of Instrumental landing system for domestic flights. Hence, the flights often get delayed or cancelled in case of adverse weather conditions. Whenever there is thick fog, heavy rainfall or strong winds, flights get cancelled.

Though the problem of flight delay and cancellation may occur any time, its possibility can be reduced by choosing autumn and spring season as the season of travel. During these seasons, the weather is clear and dry, reducing the possibility of flight delay and cancellation. To secure yourself from the problems that may arise due to flight delay and cancellation, keep some days extra as contingency days during your travel. If you travel in a tight schedule, you may fall into a problem. Travel insurance that covers loss against flight delays and cancellation can be the best remedy to secure oneself against the problem of flight delays and cancellation.

Tips to avoid losses due to flight delays and cancellations

  1. Take travel insurance that covers loss due to flight delay and cancellation
  2. Travel to Nepal with few extra days than the trekking days. This will help you to come to Kathmandu to catch your international flight. In case you are on a tight schedule and your flight gets delayed or cancellation, you may not be able to catch your international flight at Kathmandu for departure.
  3. Try to avoid travelling in monsoon season

If you tend to be in any kind of problem due to flight delays and cancellation while travelling with World Alpine Treks, we shall immediately opt for the next best option. Sometimes, ground transportation can save you to be in Kathmandu on time. In case of any emergency situation, we will help you reach your destination on time. The extra cost incurred due to any unforeseen circumstances is your responsibility. Hence, be wise and opt for comprehensive travel insurance.

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