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The literal meaning of Losar is New Year and follows the cycle of 12 years called LOHKAR. Barga (LO) is the special name given to each year and represented by a different animal. Its reputed attributes like mouse,cow,tiger,cat, garuda,snake,horse,sheep,monkey,bird,dog and deer.

This festival celebrated in Buddhist religion follower communities like Sherpa, Tamang, Gurung. In Nepal, when there was no calendar, the 12 rotation system was used to calculate people ages, which still this generation our old grandmother used to do.


On the day of the festival, people visit the monasteries and stupas to pray, worship, and have a blessing from the monk for happiness and wellbeing. The ethnic people clad in their traditional costumes and perform their cultural dancing with singing and welcoming the New Year with feasts and family gatherings.

In Nepal, there are three kinds of Losar which celebrated with different community people.

Tamu Losar – this one is celebrated by the Gurungs community every year in the month of December/January.

Sonam Losar – It’s celebrated by the Tamang Community every year in the month of January to mid-February.

Gyalpo Losar – It’s celebrated by the Sherpa community, which is in February.

24th Feb 2022 – GYALPO LOSAR

It’s celebrated by the Sherpa community living in the Himalayan region in Nepal. They are world-famous mountain climbers and the first one to scale Mount Everest in Nepal. It’s celebrated typically for almost two weeks. Preparation of festive begins by making special Sherpa snack KHAPSE, a deep-fried pastry that is commonly eaten during the festive.

The houses are cleaned, and some special dishes are cooked, and one of the recipes is soup served with dumplings, which called GUTHUK. Sometimes, different hidden items are used in filling for the dumpling, which comments on the nature of people.

It’s done to bring enjoyment to the family.

During the festival, people recall the struggle between the good and the evil in their ceremonial dance, and lama chants mantras and pass the fire torches through the crowds. People perform the traditional dance battle encounter between the king and the deer and amuse the spectators.

It is a festival to the reunion of the families, relatives and friends were celebrating with partying and exchanging gifts and greetings.

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