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Chaite Dashain is one of the Hindu religious festivals in Nepal. It has also the same days of importance as the 10 days of Bijaya Dashami even though it is publicly celebrated for 2 days. It’s known as also the last festival which falls generally in the final month, Chaitra, of the Bikram Sambat (B.S) calendar in Nepal.
It has also its own reason to celebrate which means the victory of good over evil.
It is related to the Hindu God Ram. In Hinduism, Lord Ram is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He set an example for his son by accepting his exile for 14 years from his country only to fulfill his father’s promise. He is also known as a caring and loving king who sent his wife to the forest again to satisfy his countryman. Lord Ram is one of the famous living epics in Ramayana.
In Ramayana, we can see all the stories about Lord Ram. And Chaite Dashain is one of the unforgettable days when Lord Ram after Win the battle with the king of Lanka( Ravan). He shows as a Negative character with brilliant knowledge and engineer and scientist too who abducted Sita( Lord Ram’s wife) and is the day when Lord came back to Ayodhya with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, Hanuman, and his military after 14 years of his exile.

The Victory of Lord Ram over Ravan is symbolically regarded as the victory of the human being over the ten sense organ, 5 belonging to knowledge and 5 to the action of our human being.

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